NT Print Service

The NED NT Print Service receives document print requests from PC clients and performs retrieval and printing of documents directly at the server. This eliminates heavy network traffic that occurs in traditional imaging systems due to transmission of images from the client to the server.

Also eliminated is the need for extra memory and disk space on client PCs, since all image rendering and printing is performed on the server. This allows low-end PCs running any version of Windows from 3.1 to Windows NT to offload all printing operations to the server. Client ActiveX controls are included for 16 and 32-bit applications.

Compatibility: Client: Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, VB 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, Microsoft Access (all versions), FoxPro 3.0, VC++ 1.x or greater. NT Print Service: Windows NT V4.0 or later.

Client ActiveX controls for 16 and 32-bit Windows platforms allow you to build applications that offload compute-intensive print operations to a PC NT Server running the NED NT Print Service. You can assemble lists of files to compose documents consisting of TIFF, JPEG, Kodak Photo CD, Targa, and BMP files. TIFF G3, G4, color, and multipage formats are supported. You can also design and add cover pages for print jobs. You can control page layout even for printers that do not have page layout capability. NED NT Print Service works with any Microsoft Windows compatible printer.

Please goto MORE INFORMATION (below) if you would like to see graphs that show how dramatically this software improves image printing performance.

NED NT Print Service is compatible with all TCP/IP networks.


NED NT Print Service Prices:

NT Print Service w/10-client license - $1495 USD

Additional 10-client license - $495 USD

Additional 100-client license - $2495 USD

Unlimited client license - $4595 USD

Note: Price includes 1-year service contract ($495 value).

A demonstration version is available for
a 30-day trial period.

Download the demo (size:621KB).

Download the 16-bit ActiveX Control (size:842KB).

Download the 32-bit ActiveX Control (size:525KB).

Download the User Guide (size:169KB).

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